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Will these self-sustaining floating houses be Miami’s norm one day?

Electric houseboats of the future

A rendering of a new livable yacht concept
Courtesy of ARKUP

While Miami and the rest of the world won’t stop fighting in the war on climate change, perhaps some will consider living among those rising seas.

An innovative company named ARKUP just launched a fascinating livable yacht concept that will be introduced at next month’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Self-sustaining and electric, these 100 percent solar-powered floating homes are not your typical houseboats.

Capable of withstanding up to category 4 hurricane winds, it will be “completely off the grid,” according to co-founder Nicolas Derouin, who expects these customizable luxury houseboats to be priced between $2 to 3 million. Designed by water architect Koen Olthuis, the modern floating home is equipped with solar panels on its roof.

It will also collect and purify rainwater, but what truly distinguishes it from the competition is its automated hydraulic jack-up system, which will not only give it complete stability when anchored but it’s also capable of lifting the structure 10 feet above the water on its four spuds. The prototype’s spuds are about 40 feet long and the hydraulic jack-up system was designed to protect the yacht from storm surge and flooding.

The company will strive to develop floating communities, and while ARKUP’s product was designed for South Florida waters it is “adaptable worldwide,” adds Derouin, who sees customers utilizing them in a variety of ways: from primary residences to mobile vacation homes or even restaurants, spas and promotional venues.

Their proof of concept is currently being built on the Miami River and is expected to be completed by the middle of 2018. They’re planning to go to market next summer.