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Miami has the deadliest road in Florida

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The I-95 Express Toll by Little River

I-95 in Miami
via Ivan Curra/Wikipedia Commons

Miami has the deadliest road in Florida, according to a new study by Stein Law that looked at fatalities and crashes from 2013 to 2015.

Among the discoveries was the fact “1501 traffic fatalities occurred across just 97 specific stretches of Florida roads.” The deadliest? A 3.85-mile path encompassing the I-95 Express Toll running from Little River to the Golden Glades Interchange where there were 27 fatalities and a jarring 7.01 fatalities per mile.

That area often sees chaos in the right express lane when gridlock causes drivers to maniacally — and illegally — cut across the delineators into the express lanes. Florida’s Department of Transportation has since reduced the space between the cones to five feet (from 20 feet) but that hasn’t stopped drivers from taking them out and a state senator from proposing a bill that’d eliminate express lanes on all Florida highways.

Miami’s second and third deadliest roads are a 7.88-mile stretch along I-95 in North Miami (6.6 fatalities per mile) and a 2.57-mile stretch on Northwest 69th Street in West Little River (5.84 fatalities per mile), respectively.

The deadliest Florida roads are outlined in the chart below.