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Massive Miami Hurricanes ‘turnover chain’ mural surfaces in Wynwood

Ahead of a monster game against Notre Dame on Saturday

A Miami Hurricanes turnover chain mural in Wynwood ahead of a huge matchup with Notre Dame
via instagram/illsurge

Miami is all about The U today as we head into a home football weekend pitting the seventh-ranked Miami Hurricanes against the third-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Hammering home the massive primetime matchup on Saturday night sure to rattle the College Football Playoff Rankings is a new mural in Wynwood by local artist Surge, who put the finishing touches on his masterpiece this morning.

The vibrant creation depicts a massive “Turnover Chain,” the famous glitzy necklace Miami coaches award to a player on the sideline after he recovers a fumble or snags an interception, and the phrase “Catholics vs. Confidence.”

The latter pays homage to the history of Notre Dame-Miami football, dating back to 1998 in advance of the two undefeated teams clashing at Notre Dame Stadium. A t-shirt slogan was created by Notre Dame students reading “Catholics vs. Convicts” due to the Irish’s catholic ties and Miami’s swagger. The “convicts” part was unquestionably infused with racist undertones.

Flash-forward to today and Turnover Chain shirts are in high demand as Miami enters its biggest game in over a decade. NBC 6 caught up with Surge last night to learn about his thought process behind the mural.