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North Miami’s Chinatown master plan gains approval

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The North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency gives the thumbs up

Rendering of the Pagoda Gazebo at North Miami’s Chinatown
Rendering of the Pagoda Gazebo at North Miami’s Chinatown
Courtesy of Keith & Schnars

The master plan for North Miami’s Chinatown district, which unveiled new drawings over the summer, has been approved by the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency, reports The Real Deal.

The district, which was designated as Chinatown in early 2016, encompasses 119th Street to 135th Street on Northwest Seventh Avenue. The master plan was designed by Keith & Schnars and was comprised of the following details:

  • Large pagoda gazebo, whose architecture was inspired by inspired by China’s Han dynasty
  • Temperature-controlled rooftop gardens that provide stormwater management and filtration; food cultivation; and recreational activities
  • Greenspace with a modern take on the traditional moon gate
  • Open-air canopy inspired by the Enchanted Forest towering above southern gateway inspired by China’s Ming Dynasty
  • Hotel above a parking structure and open-air park
  • Vertical gardens comprised of “Supertrees,” which provide shading, planting, solar/rainwater collection, and structural support support for an elevated walkway