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Miami Yacht Watch: The glorious Fountainhead returns

Not owned by Mark Cuban but Sears CEO Eddie Lampert

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Miami is a common host for extravagant yachts at all times of the year. Track these magnificent vessels and their outlandish toys with Miami Yacht Watch, which typically runs weekly on Curbed Miami.

The 288-foot Fountainhead, which has been mistakingly tied to Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban as its proprietor, has returned to Miami from Port Everglades.

Currently docked at Island Gardens Deep Harbour Marina on Watson Island, the extravagant superyacht valued at an estimated $130 million actually belongs to billionaire Sears CEO Eddie Lampert, who apparently tells people — in jest — Cuban is the owner, according to the New York Post.

“The guy who owns the boat tells everyone that it’s mine,” Cuban told Page Six. “It’s so crazy . . . I don’t even own a boat.”

Heightening the false rumor is the fact Fountainhead features a basketball hoop on its aft. The yacht is somehow only the 72nd largest in the world, per Boat International. Fountainhead is equipped to house 14 guests and additionally includes a library, a recreation room, a full gym and health club, and a contra-flow swimming pool.

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