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Miami Yacht Watch: Phillip Green’s Lionheart

Owned by the billionaire British businessman

The superyacht Lionheart seen in Monaco this year
By Frankkaribik [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Miami is a common host for extravagant yachts at all times of the year. Track these magnificent vessels and their outlandish toys with Miami Yacht Watch, which typically runs weekly on Curbed Miami.

A week after the magnificent Fountainhead (owned by the CEO of Sears) passed through Miami, and another superyacht with a billionaire owner has arrived: the 295-foot Lionheart, which is estimated to be valued at over $130 million and is owned by billionaire businessman Philip Green. It’s currently docked at the marina on Watson Island.

Built last year, the Benetti vessel features a jacuzzi on the top deck with surround sound; a helipad; an elevator; a pool; a beach club; and a beauty salon.

Green is the chairman of retail giant Arcadia Group. His former yacht, Lioness V, was spotted in Miami last February.

A list of some other yachts we’ve featured recently is below.

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