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Downtown Miami is being considered for a new Formula One Grand Prix

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F1 Grand Prix of Monaco
Sebastian Vettel of Germany on track during the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix in 2017
Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

It’s been a sporty kind of morning on Curbed Miami.

In addition to news of Miami Open organizers striking a deal with Miami-Dade’s mayor to move the popular tennis tournament to Hard Rock Stadium, we now learn Formula One is taking a hard look at downtown Miami’s streets for its new Grand Prix circuit track.

This would potentially involve the PortMiami Tunnel, the Herald notes, though it’s fair to assume that seems implausible, as county events director Vicente Betancourt described the scenario as “out of the question.” It’s all in the preliminary stages for now, as Formula One execs and engineers were in town this month “to go over potential racing circuits and logistics.”

Miami has hosted street races over the years dating back to the 1980s, including the Miami ePrix, an electric car race held two years ago where vehicles maxed out at 100 miles per hour. In addition to Miami, Las Vegas and New York are also being considered as options within the U.S. while Austin remains the sole Grand Prix in the country.

Check out Formula One’s street circuits in action in the following video.