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Miami is the 3rd ‘most sinful’ city in America, study says

Behind Vegas and Orlando

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Guests attend Ultra Music Festival 2016 
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Anyone could rightfully assume Las Vegas would be crowned in a study ranking the most sinful cities in America but would you have guessed Miami placed in the top three or that Disney-loving Orlando settled in at No. 2?

The humorous study performed by WalletHub sought to “identify the darkest corners of America,” comparing over 180 cities across 32 key indicators of guilt. The “seven dimensions” containing these indicators were (1) Anger & Hatred; (2) Jealousy;(3) Excesses & Vices; (4) Greed; (5) Lust; (6) Vanity; and (7) Laziness.

Miami placed quite sinful in Jealousy (5th), Lust (7th), and Vanity (7th), which all sounds about right.

The 10 most sinful cities in America:

via WalletHub