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Miami Art Week: A ‘12-foot orgasm’ is in Nautilus South Beach’s lobby

“I Can Feel” by Suzy Kellems Dominik

A 12-foot orgasm installation by Suzy Kellems Dominik on display in Nautilus South Beach
Suzy Kellems Dominik

If you thought an autonomous swarm of 300 illuminated drones imitating a flock of birds above the ocean in Miami Beach was unusual, get this: There’s a “12-foot orgasm” installation exploding on a wall of the Nautilus South Beach.

“I Can Feel” was created by emotional autobiographist and artist Suzy Kellems Dominik, who installed the neon light sculpture over the weekend in the hotel’s lobby, where it will remain on display through Art Week’s completion on Sunday.

“It is literally as obvious as it seems: It is an orgasm,” Dominik says. “It’s truly the reclamation of my physical and emotional independence. I think it’s important that we as people know our bodies, know how they feel, know how we feel, how they interrelate with our emotions.

“In a very short amount of time I want to be able to actually change someone’s life in a way that they can think about themselves or others around them.”

This one’s for the girls. @suzykellemsdominik brings her “I Can Feel” piece to the lobby for #ArtBasel. #miami #SIXTYbeach

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For a more detailed look at how Dominik’s unique creation came to be, check out the video below.