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Step inside the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami Beach

Tour the Instagram-friendly seven-room space

The Museum of Ice Cream in Miami Beach
Images courtesy of Katie Gibbs

Museum of Ice Cream officially opened its fourth location in Miami Beach ahead of Art Basel, welcoming visitors to an Instagram-friendly treat at 3400 Collins Avenue in the Faena District.

Miami was chosen to “celebrate its diverse and culturally inclusive environment,” according to MOIC Founder and Creative Director Maryellis Bunn. Preview tickets can be purchased this week.

Get a feel for the colorful and tasty new space decked out in pink by checking out the descriptions of its seven rooms followed by a photo tour of the four-story space. Yes, treats are offered in most of the rooms.

Museum of Ice Cream also has locations in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

All images are courtesy of Katie Gibbs.

Bunns Shake is an “homage to a beloved dining institution and a throwback to 1950s Americana.”

Bunns Shake

Fan-tastic “probes our relationship with heat, movement, and dance,” and was “inspired by Miami’s plethora of multi-cultural artistic influences.”

Jungle “beckons you to discover a sugar-filled wilderness complete with exotic treasures and mysterious treats,” while “inviting you to lose yourself in our bubblegum palms while delighting in the tranquil pleasure of a topping canopy. “


Melted Ice Cream is a “frozen ice cream shop stuck in time.”

Sandcastle Dreams “challenges our understanding of adulthood by evoking the childhood memory of playing in the sand.”

Sandcastle Dreams

Sweet Sculptures Studio “challenges you to explore your creativity through flavors, treats, and ice cream delights that are as grand and robust as your imagination.”

Pop “is the perfect spot to stop, chill out and enjoy the majestic view. Surrounded by a popsicle-city frozen in time, Pop prompts you to appreciate the moment and reflect on your journey.”