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Miami’s 10 must-follow Instagram accounts

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For lovers of sunsets, food, and architecture

The sun setting behind Miami Beach
The sun setting behind Miami Beach
via @highdrone

One of the most photo-friendly cities in the world, Miami is overflowing with talented Instagrammers with niches across a variety of categories, like food (@miami_foodporn), drone photography (@highdrone), Miami Dolphins football (@officialdolphinsphotog) and life outside South Beach (@beyondsoutheach).

Here are 10 of the best Instagram follows for Miami lovers that we’ve come across, starting with some hardcore food porn that will be sure to leave you salivating and ending with some of the most creative photographers in the Magic City.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Please share in the comments.


Cream of the crop @cream_nation #miami_foodporn

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Only 2 days left to get you one of these bad boys. @knausberryfarm cinnamon roll stuffed inside a @thesaltydonut ! #PHAAT

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Deep fried Oreo baked inside

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The eyes have it... @bbwolf94 #miamidolphins #dolphinsphotography #dolphinscreative

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Been awake for 24 hours. This is the result of my insomnia.

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Tiny palm trees

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