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Report: Miami’s Aston Martin Residences to offer an off-site ‘Beach Club’

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The building was inspired by an Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin Residences showing the lobby portion on the water
Rendering of Aston Martin Residences
via Miami Condo Investments

In a clear effort to stand out among Miami’s explosive development scene, new and intriguing details of Aston Martin Residences have trickled out, via Miami Condo Investments, including an off-site Beach Club:

One additional new piece of information that we were able to learn is that the developer has also purchased a plot of beachfront land on Virginia Key to construct an Aston Martin Beach Club for the residences. They will be ferried from the deep-water dock onsite to the beach club by an Aston Martin yacht.

It’s a fascinating amenity for the uber-luxury development that was announced last October.

They also reported 25 of the 391 units are sold and the building’s design was inspired by a luxury vehicle of course, this one being an Aston Martin DB11—“the interiors of the building will have the same lighting scheme, design and feel of the interiors of their signature hand-made car.”

They’re going as far as having a $2.3 million Aston Martin Vulcan (one of eight) as the centerpiece for its upcoming sales center. Groundbreaking is expected in the Fall.

New renderings are below, showcasing the lobby in addition to a residence’s bathroom and kitchen.