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Miami’s cheapest and priciest neighborhoods to rent in this winter

Brickell rents stayed strong


A new quarterly map showing Miami rents organized by neighborhood indicates prices have remained strong in surging core areas like Brickell, downtown Miami, and Edgewater.

Miami has also remained the ninth most expensive rental market in the country, trailing Washington D.C. and Chicago.

Here’s how the latest neighborhood rental map, courtesy of Zumper, shows one-bedroom median rent prices across Miami’s most popular neighborhoods (the winter figure is in parenthesis):

Brickell: $2150 ($2150)

Downtown: $1920 ($1970)

Northeast Coconut Grove: $1750 ($1810)

Edgewater: $1800 (1820)

West Avenue: $2000 ($2000)

Wynwood: $2150 ($2250)

The same map from the fall can be viewed here.

Note: I know the neighborhoods and their boundaries are a little rough but it’s designed to give a general idea of what it costs to rent across Miami.