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Miami Beach to ban coolers, inflatables during Spring Break

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Spring Breakers, beware

Spring Break Hits Florida's Beaches
A pile of beer cans lays in the sand sun during spring break on South Beach
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In an effort to help deter the appalling amounts of trash and ruckus typically seen on the Miami Beach sand during Spring Break, officials are upping the rules this year, per the Miami Herald:

The strategy includes a ban on coolers, tents and inflatable devices on the beach, along with stricter enforcement of the existing ban on alcohol on the sand. Neighborhood streets would also be closed off to nonresidents, and noise limitation on amplified music would be enforced.

Police would also use license plate readers on the causeways to check for outstanding warrants and stolen cars.

From Miami Music Week to Floatopia, there are many specific events during the spring that have piled up the trash on the South Beach sand. However, the latter likely won’t be occurring this year, judging from the organizers’ Facebook post the morning after last year’s event.

I see a few potential issues with the city’s no-coolers rule, however.

First, it will limit access to water during one of Miami’s warmest times of the year, which could increase the risk of dehydration.

Second, they have to realize Spring Breakers are going to drink no matter what. The rule could backfire because now instead of beer, there could be more of a tailgate mindset, downing large amounts of liquor before approaching the checkpoints on the sand.