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Tour Frank McKinney’s $4M Florida ‘Micro Mansion’

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“My first Micro Mansion is sure to send chills down the spine of the luxury real estate market” 

Modern micro mansion in Florida with neon lighting, multiple stories, and a garage door
Frank McKinney’s Florida Micro Mansion
Courtesy of Edward Butera | ibi designs inc.

Rockstar-looking real estate developer Frank McKinney unveiled his Florida “Micro Mansion” over the weekend at 19 Tropical Drive in Ocean Ridge.

Asking $3.9 million ($954 per square foot), the 4,087-square-foot modern residence features LED sea-glass kitchen counter tops, an illuminated living reef aquarium wall, a 650-square-foot master bedroom suite with azure-blue glass vanity tops, and “is sure to send chills down the spine of the luxury real estate market,” in the words of McKinney.

The two-story home a few houses down from the ocean has three bedrooms, four bathrooms and additionally includes a sun deck “floating” between two pools, a dining table made from a single piece of driftwood, and an outdoor master glass shower “with trees reaching into it,” per the press release.

McKinney says he has “no doubt” the home will sell at or above the asking price and that his next project will be on the ocean. You can check out one of McKinney’s past projects here.