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Hialeah is one of America’s soberest cities, study says

Coming in at No. 8

America’s soberest cities, per percentage of binge drinking
America’s soberest cities, per percentage of binge drinking

Hialeah, one of the most populated cities in Florida, is also among the soberest, according to a study by Realtor which analyzed the 300 largest cities in the country according to their drinking habits.

Hialeah, with a population of over 224,000 (per the 2010 census), came in at No. 8, trailing the likes of Provo, Utah (No. 1), Daly City, California (No. 2), and West Jordan, Utah (No. 3). Here were the criteria:

  • Rate of binge drinking (five drinks over a two-hour stretch for a man, or four for a woman, at least once a month)
  • Number of bars, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and liquor stores per capita
  • Percentage of homes with a wet bar
  • Number of drug and alcohol rehab centers per capita
  • Percentage of traffic fatalities that are related to alcohol

The booziest cities on their ranking were Green Bay, Denver, and Billings, respectively ranking first, second, and third.