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Trump National Doral home seeks baffling $9M

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$1,214 per square foot

Aerial of a home on a golf course in Trump National Doral
4933 NW 94th Doral Place in Doral Estates at Trump National Doral
via Zillow/Ana Morales

A 7,411-square-foot home on the Trump National Doral grounds is seeking an eye-opening $9 million ($1,214 per square foot).

The biggest sale in Doral within the last three years, according to Zillow, was this 11,676-square-foot residence that sold for $3.6 million in 2014 and is also within the confines of Trump National Doral. It features a more modern interior and is currently back on the market asking $7.7 million, which is the second highest priced home in the neighborhood and over $1.3 million less than the $9 million offering that listed yesterday.

The more recent listing has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and is littered with various art pieces throughout the lakefront house. It’s located on a corner lot on the Golden Palm course and features an automobile lift in the garage and a backyard gazebo.

The home was built in 1994 and the property last sold for $1.2 million in 2013. Whether the use of Air Force One is included in the purchase price is yet to be determined.