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Florida ‘Surf Park’ proposed by Kelly Slater in Palm Beach

Are artificial waves headed to the Sunshine State?

Kelly Slater riding an artificial wave in California
Kelly Slater riding an artificial wave in California
via GoPro

Florida could be getting its very own surf park, an intriguing project spearheaded by 11-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater.

Proposed under the name “Surf Ranch Florida,” Slater is seeking permission from Palm Beach County to build an 80-acre wave park at Palm Beach Park of Commerce, according to the Sun Sentinel.

This development entails a man-made surfing lake proposed by the World Surf League to provide consistent waves and a safe arena for both recreational and competitive purposes. Kelly Slater Wave Co has already proven the concept to much fanfare in California, on a man-made lake 700 yards long by 70 yards wide.

“I'm so excited that the World Surf League is working to bring the first high performance center with our wave technology to my home state of Florida,” the 45-year-old Slater said in a statement, “and I’m hopeful this will become a reality soon.”

Check out Slater’s wave pool in action.