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The Proteus ‘Spider Ship’ is in Miami

Armed with titanium shock absorbers

The Proteus “spider yacht”
The Proteus “spider yacht”
via National Marine Sanctuaries

Meet Proteus, a bizarre-looking experimental vessel known as the "Spider Ship" or "Spider Boat" that is currently docked in Miami at Sea Isle Marina, just north of the Venetian Causeway.

Named after the ancient Greek sea god who defended all marine life, it’s the first WAM-V (wave adaptive modular vessel) of its kind and is likened to a spider because of its four "legs," which utilize titanium shock absorbers to travel with waves instead of through them. The two hulls move semi-independently as it hits waves.

Among the 100-foot vessel’s most interesting features, outside of its appearance, is it’s capable of being beached without getting damaged and the centrally-located cabin (sleeps four) can drop 20 feet beneath the ocean’s surface, detach, and run on its own power. It’s used for search-and-rescue missions and research purposes.

The environmentally-friendly ship was developed and invented by Ugo and Isabella Conti. It launched in San Francisco back in 2007.