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Florida is the 24th best state, per study

Massachusetts topped the list

A shot of Miami from Biscayne Bay
A shot of Miami from Biscayne Bay
Courtesy of Michelle Baumgard

Florida isn’t the best state in North America. And it’s not in the Top 10 or even the Top 20, according to U.S. News and World Report’s 2017 Best State rankings, where we’re considered just about average, coming in at 24th.

We already knew the Sunshine State was one of the most dangerous states in the nation, especially when you witness bizzare headlines like “Florida Man unleashes swords in Walmart parking lot.”

This study utilizes more than 60 metrics, important factors like “Health Care, Education, Government, and Infrastructure.” Florida did fare well in Economy (7th) and Government (9th) but not so much in Crime & Corrections (37th) and Opportunity (43rd).

Massachusetts paced the nation — as if those Bostonian sports fans needed any more ammunition — and was followed by New Hampshire and Minnesota. What’s interesting is all three have pretty brutal winters, which one would think would severely damper their prospects.