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‘Boyfriend arm pillow’ and Florida’s 6 other most-googled shopping terms

We graded out better than Indiana (“blow-up doll”)

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“Guy Fieri cookware” and “Boyfriend arm pillow” were among Florida’s most Googled shopping terms over the past year, according to a fun study by Estately that used Google Trends to track internet searches using the Google Shopping feature.

At least we’re not Ohio (camo lingerie), Indiana (blow-up doll), Mississippi (shake weight), New York (coyote urine, Payless boots that look like Uggs), Maryland (bacon soda), North Carolina (padded underwear), Texas (Confederate flag bumper sticker), or Deleware (Crocs).

I had no clue our country was this messed up. Here’s Florida’s full list of most searched phrases, most of which I had not heard of until now:

  • Guy Fieri cookware
  • Boyfriend arm pillow
  • Rollerblades Walmart
  • Car bra
  • 9mm suppressor
  • Men’s cargo shorts
  • Paintball sniper rifle

Say what you want about cargo shorts, but they possess elite functionality, especially for dads who are always carrying stuff. Also, did anyone else not know paintball snipers were a thing?

But “boyfriend arm pillow” is where we draw the line. I had no clue what this was before reading this and—oh my lord--what is wrong with you people?