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People’s Guide to Wynwood with The Salty Donut co-founder Amanda Pizarro

“We needed a place where we knew that a ‘new’ and ‘quirky’ idea was going to be accepted”

Outside The Salty Donut in Wynwood
Outside The Salty Donut in Wynwood
Courtesy of The Salty Donut

The People's Guide is Curbed Miami's tour of neighborhoods led by our most loyal readers, favorite bloggers, and other luminaries of our choosing.

Today’s edition features a quick-hitting interview with Amanda Pizarro, co-founder of The Salty Donut, the hottest donut shop in South Florida.

Her business is located in the Wynwood area, which along with Midtown, won the 2016 Curbed Cup for Miami’s neighborhood of the year.

What made you pick the Wynwood neighborhood to open The Salty Donut?

When we came up with the idea of The Salty Donut, obviously picking a location was on the top of our list to figure out. We needed a place where we knew that a ‘new’ and ‘quirky’ idea was going to be accepted.

I’m sure looking at our company now, we don’t seem ‘new’ and ‘quirky’ but you have to remember that when we first opened, we were the first donut shop in Miami. So no one knew what an artisanal donut was. Wynwood is very open to new and creative ideas, so it was the best move for us to do being so different!

Are you surprised at all how successful Salty Donut was from the start?

When we launched, we knew that our success could go to either extremes: very successful or very unsuccessful. Again, this very hot-and-cold thought was because we had this super new and unheard of product for Miami.

With this mindset, all we knew that what we COULD control was our brand and our product. So we spent months and months perfecting both, making it close to impossible for someone not to like at least something about our company!

Wynwood battled a lot of adversity this year with Zika. What was that like and how did it affect your business?

To be honest, of the information that we gathered from other local businesses, we weren’t that poorly affected by Zika. Naturally, since it was the Summer, it was a little slower, but we still had lines at our weekend pop-up so we’re thankful for those people that risked it to get our donuts!

Your favorite restaurant/food shop (outside of Salty Donut, of course)?

We truly love the Wynwood community! Alter, Panther Coffee, Coyo Taco—we love them all!

Your favorite Wynwood hangout?

We personally go through phases of where we like to go hangout. It’s gone from Coconut Grove to Coral Gables to the Beach. For now, it’s Miami Beach, specifically the restaurant Naiyara. Chef B is so hospitable and the environment and food can’t be beat!

Best-kept secret?

About us? That you don’t have to wait in the donut line to get coffee. The ones who know, just sneak off to the barista directly and ask for what coffee they’d like!

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