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Skyrise Miami’s main attraction includes rotating pods at 1,000 feet

The signature attraction of Skyrise

Outdoor pods at a large observation tower
Rendering of the rotating pods at Skyrise Miami dubbed Skyway
Renderings by ArX Solutions

In what has amounted to a colossal tease at this point—similar to David Beckham’s alleged MLS Miami franchise—new plans for Skyrise Miami’s main attraction have surfaced at The Next Miami, with “Skyway” calling for rotating pods along the outer rims of the 1,000-foot asymmetrical tower yet to rise at Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami.

The heavily-delayed entertainment observation tower planned by Berkowitz Development Group has been in the pipeline since late 2013 and received approval for all of its other elements back in December.

These new plans are under city review while Skyrise Miami’s website appears to be fully-loaded, explaining its structure is designed to withstand winds of up to 186 miles per hour. Other attractions include the Sky Plunge (bungie jumping), SkyDrop (a free-fall ride down the Tower), and plenty of prime observation decks.

One would think they’d want the “Eiffel Tower of the Magic City” finished before Super Bowl LIV comes to town in 2020.

We will see.

via Berkowitz Development Group