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The transformation of Miami Beach’s North Shore Open Space Park

A $6 million renovation

Rendering of North Shore Open Space Park
Rendering of North Shore Open Space Park
via West 8

Among the new plans for renovating the 28-acre North Shore Open Space Park in Miami Beach’s North Beach neighborhood is increasing the number of entranceways from four to six and including sculptured metal gates, reports The Real Deal.

Other details surrounding the $6 million reinvention of the park, which runs from 78th Street to 87th Terrace, include extensive trimming and pruning of the vegetation and adding over 200 trees. Calvin, Giordarno & Associates is the project manager and West 8 is leading the re-design, with the latter also working on the highly-anticipated Eighty Seven Park, which will live next door.

Also planned is the construction of a new 4,000-square-foot building for concessions, bathrooms, and Ocean Rescue offices on the south end, per North Beach News, in addition to two miles of new weaving concrete paths, LED light poles, new signage, and new fencing.

The board asked for a re-hearing on fencing and lighting issues.

West 8 designed Soundscape Park, which hosts an awesome outdoor movie experience in the heart of South Beach.