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Miami is the 3rd most pet-friendly travel destination in US, study says

Topping the list in pet-friendly restaurants

A puppy running in a park
A puppy running in a park

Miami is an elite pet-friendly city, according to a study by RewardExpert, which ranked Miami as the No. 3 pet-friendly vacation destination in the United States, trailing only San Francisco (No. 2) and Tampa (No. 1).

Miami fared especially well under the “Pet Needs” category—one of three categories that also included “City Profile” and “Pet Recreation”—considering we have more pet stores and veterinarians per capita than any other city analyzed, with 75 pet stores and 141 veterinarians per 100,000 residents.

Miami also ranked first overall in pet-friendly restaurants and cafes per capita, which isn’t surprising. If Miami Beach was removed from the Miami umbrella in this study, I think it’d have a legitimate shot at taking on top-ranked Tampa. From hotels to grocery stores, there’s pretty much nowhere you can’t take your pup in South Beach.

Only cities with over 300,000 residents were considered, with the Top 10 down below.

Miami Ranks Number One for Dog-Friendly Restaurants [MNT]