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Tour Brickell’s new CMX movie theater

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Located in Brickell City Centre and now open for business

Outside the new CMX cinema in Brickell City Centre
Outside the new CMX cinema in Brickell City Centre
Courtesy of CMX Brickell

CMX has opened its VIP cinema experience in Brickell, bringing 10 screens and two bars to a 35,759-square-foot space in Brickell City Centre.

The state-of-the-art cinema features all-laser theaters and cutting-edge audio technology from Meyer Sound Laboratories, including one Dolby Atmos room, the crown jewel viewing room within the complex due to the rich audio traveling from all directions of the room.

This is the first CMX theater in the United States, joining its other 306 sites worldwide. Another South Florida location has been announced for Gulfstream Park.

As you step inside the theater’s lobby, which is modeled after a five-star hotel, a sports bar sits to your right with a massive TV wall of sorts. The stunning video display was airing four channels at the time of our tour but can collapse into one giant feed for your sports-viewing pleasure.

Next, we make our way up a spiral staircase to the second floor, which features another bar and lounge, along with another giant TV wall.

Inside the the viewing rooms are oversized upholstered reclining seats with leather accents and usb ports on the armrests for charging your devices.

Speaking of cell phones, CMX Director Luis Castelazo says guests can tinker on their phones while in their seats but should only do so in the CMX app, which automatically dims the screen. This would make my father cringe.

The movie screen, like every other video display in the complex, is gargantuan.

The experience is similar to that of iPic Theaters, which has a location in North Miami Beach. Both offer the convenience of ordering food and drinks from your seat throughout the movie. There’s also free popcorn and blankets.

You have the ability to order menu items either from the CMX app or from a server directly. Both can be a little distracting for old-school souls like myself who insist on absolute silence and no phone usage during any movie-watching experience (cue the shaking of my wife’s head). However. this is probably a non-issue for most.

Tickets range in price from $21 to $25 (sans any fees) and can be ordered from the box office, theater kiosks, online, or the app.

Overall, most Downtown Miami and Brickell residents will be pleased with their newest entertainment source because although CMX’s VIP Cinema Experience can be pricey it certainly fills a need in this rapidly-growing neighborhood.