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Miami neighborhood map shows dipping rents

Compared to last year, rents in many popular neighborhoods have fallen

A snippet of Miami rents by neighborhood
Courtesy of Zumper

While renting in Miami remains relatively high on a national scale (median rents ranked ninth in the U.S. last month), it would appear the asking rents in many core neighborhoods have dipped with the rising supply over the last year.

According to Zumper’s latest neighborhood rent map (it’s not to be taken literally as far as the neighborhood outlines are concerned), rents have decreased throughout most of downtown Miami, Upper East Side, Edgewater, and Miami Beach compared to a year ago.

You can get a good grasp of the decline in the GIF down below by noticing the darker-shaded areas getting lighter from 2016 to 2017. If you’re interested in housing market trends by neighborhood, click here.