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David Beckham’s MLS Miami stadium gains Miami-Dade approval

It only took four years

A rendering of David Beckham’s MLS Miami stadium concept in Overtown
A rendering of David Beckham’s MLS Miami stadium concept in Overtown

For those thirsting for David Beckham’s MLS Miami dream to finally become a reality, it’s almost time to whip out the pots and pans.

Over four years since first announcing his intentions, Beckham’s team finally secured approval from Miami-Dade commissioners—a 9-4 vote—to purchase the final three acres of land needed to build a 25,000-seat open-air venue in Overtown at a cost of $9 million.

Miami Beckham United agreed to spend at least $175 million on a stadium that’ll create at least 50 full-time jobs, per the Miami Herald, with the intention of entering the league before the 2019 season.

All that’s required now is winning approval from the city of Miami to build the privately financed facility before attaining MLS approval, the latter being an expected formality that Beckham’s group hopes to secure by the end of June.

The following is the full statement from Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez regarding the Commission's approval of the land sale.

After three years of hard work, I am proud that the Board of County Commissioners has approved the sale of 2.8 acres of Miami-Dade County-owned land to Miami Properties, LLC. The group representing David Beckham agreed to buy the land at its appraised value and, if it receives approval from the city of Miami, the property will be the future site of a Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium.

The process was lengthy, difficult, but necessary in order to ensure that Miami-Dade County taxpayers were properly compensated. The funds from the $9,015,000.00 purchase will be for the Water and Sewer Department (WASD), which currently owns the parcel of land.

I firmly believe that the sale of this property, as well as the subsequent soccer stadium, will leave a lasting positive impact on the community.

I can also assure the residents of Miami-Dade County -- particularly residents of Overtown and Spring Garden -- that this is unlike any previous agreement. The purchasing company will use private funds to build the proposed stadium and will guarantee at least 50 permanent jobs for our community.

Although entering into an agreement with the County today is a major step, the Beckham group will need to take further action before the contract is binding and construction on the land can begin, including working with the city of Miami.

This has been a collaborative process that included five public meetings with Overtown and Spring Garden residents and we will continue to work together to deliver to our 2.7 million residents and the millions who visit our community a world-class stadium.

Miami already has championship-winning teams, such as the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, and Miami Marlins. We look forward to one day soon adding our future MLS franchise to the list.