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Ultimate private island with 14 beaches, 1930s castle for $39M

Big Darby is 554 acres with two miles of ocean frontage

An aerial of Big Darby in the Caribbean
An aerial of Big Darby in the Caribbean

Encompassing 554 lush acres in the Caribbean, Big Darby and its $39 million price point clearly targets the world’s most elite island hunters.

It’s located among a chain of 300-plus islands within the Exuma Cays—94 miles from Nassau and 250 miles from Miami. The highlights are spectacular, including two miles of ocean frontage, elevations as high as 87 feet, and 14 beaches, but its most distinct feature is a historic castle.

The 7,000-square-foot Baxter Castle is at the center of the island and was built in 1938 by Englishman Sir Baxter, who ruled the island before World War II. The Island used to serve as a plantation, with goats, cotton, palm oil, and more.

The island can also support a 5,000-foot runway and features protected deep water harbours in addition to an “exotic network of caves.”

Neighboring islands are owned by David Copperfield (Musha Cay), Johnny Depp (Little Halls Pond Cay), and Nicolas Cage (Leaf Cay).