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Study: Florida has among the fewest drunk-driving fatalities in the US

No. 49 in the nation

The Florida state line
The Florida state line
via Public Domain

In what will amount to a shock for many, Florida is among the safest states in the nation when it comes to drunk driving.

Yes, Florida—the state with some of the most careless drivers on the planet—ranked 49th among the 51 most dangerous “states” (Washington D.C., while not a state, was factored in) for drunk driving, according to a recent study.

Hawaii was named as the most dangerous state, while Wisconsin and North Dakota rounded out the Top 3. Delaware was the safest and was followed by Indiana. The following five categories were factored in, with Florida’s ranking listed beside each one:

  • Cost per Fatality by State: 40th
  • Drunk Driving: 27th
  • DUI Arrests: 47th
  • DUI Penalties: 43rd
  • Laws/Statutes: 48th

The Laws/Statutes category is defined as “Percentage of Drunk Driving Fatalities by State per State’s amount of Drunk Driving Laws and Statutes.”

Cheers to you, Florida, for relatively drinking responsibly.

The study’s sources came from MADD, the U.S. Census Bureau, Kids Count Data Center, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and