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Miami’s Frost Museum of Science is on pace for 1.5M visitors in Year 1

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The projection was initially 700,000

Inside the Frost Museum of Science
World Red Eye

Almost three months in to the Frost Museum of Science’s tenure in downtown Miami and the visitor tally is blasting through expectations.

Here are the number of people who have entered broken down by month, per The Next Miami, dating back to the museum’s May 8 opening:

  • May: 87,662 visitors
  • June: 115,838 visitors
  • July (through 7/18): 79,900 visitors

If we prorate May, the monthly tally would actually be about 118,000 and if we did the same for July, we’d get about 137,600. Throw those in with June’s 115,838 and it’d equate to a whopping total of 371,438 visitors over the museum’s first full three-month span.

The 123,813 visitors per month puts Frost on pace for just about 1.49 million visitors in its first year of existence. That number dwarfs the neighboring Pérez Art Museum’s first year total of about 300,000 and more than doubles the 700,000 projection Frost made before opening.

While people are flooding to Frost, it’ll be interesting to see if the museum is able to receive a ton of repeat customers.

It hasn’t fared well on Yelp, receiving 2.5 stars (out of five) 135 reviews in, with many people complaining of overcrowding, pricing, and layout among other things.