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Skyrise Miami unveils new renderings

In wake of conducting wind tunnel tests

The side of Skyrise
via Berkowitz Development Group

Skyrise, one of Miami’s most unique projects under development, unveiled new renderings of its observation decks and Sky Plunge in wake of conducting wind tunnel tests, per The Next Miami.

The 1,000-foot sleek tower features rotating pods along the outer rims for supreme views of Miami. It has been in the works for a number of years and hasn’t yet begun vertical construction.

A little more about the design, per the architect:

According to Arquitectonica, the design of the tower was not inspired by a hairpin. Instead, it should be “interpreted as a giant wave, or a billfish jumping out of the water, a giant fishing net, or even a flowing dress over a sensuous form.”

Plans for the asymmetrical tower near Bayside also include a Sky Plunge (bungie jumping) and Sky Drop (a free-fall ride).

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