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Miami just had its hottest month ever

0.2 degrees warmer than the previously record-setting June 2010

Miami Beach sand and ocean
Miami Beach
via Pixabay

Miami just wrapped up its hottest month on record, per Climate Central, with July registering 0.2 degrees warmer than the previous high set in June 2010.

Temperature tracking dates back to 1896.

Miami also nearly set the mark for most consecutive days (41) with a high temperature in the 90s but Tropical Storm Emily, which ripped through central Florida on Monday, helped deter that feat on July 31. There were 44 such consecutive days in 2011.

Miami’s lows in July saw another record get shattered, with 24 consecutive days registering low temperatures above 80 degrees, which was nearly double the 13 such days in 1998.

While Miamians have been dealing with unprecedented heat, the coming months will also bring more potential challenges in the form of hurricanes and tropical storms, with 76 percent of named storms dating back to 1966 occurring between the months of August and October.

Miami—knock on wood—hasn’t experienced a devastating direct hit from a hurricane in over a decade.