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Miami Marine Stadium could host festivals, drone races, and pageants in the future

Indicated in a report by R.J. Heisenbottle Architects

An updated Miami Marine Stadium, which has been dormant since closing in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew, could host a wide variety of events, including boxing matches, beauty pageants, concerts, and drone racing, among over 50 potential uses recently presented to the Miami City Commission, per Miami Today.

R.J. Heisenbottle Architects, along with a dozen consultants and community input, compiled the list of options for the unique waterfront stadium, which was constructed in 1963 and designed by Hilario Candela. The 6,566-seat concrete venue on Virginia Key used to host events ranging from boat races to Rolling Stones concerts.

Heisenbottle Architects was hired by the city in January to assist with the potential renovation and their compilation includes uses under five categories: marine; sports and fitness; community; education and nature; and entertainment.

They’ve deemed the stadium can be successfully and safely restored, identifying “techniques for cathodic protection of the structure that, if properly maintained, will allow us to substantially extend the stadium’s lifespan,” according to Heisenbottle.

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He said they broadened the vision to more than 50 types of events including power boat races, sailing regattas, hydroplane races, Ironman competitions, paddle boarding, Red Bull air races, kayaking, drone races, boxing and wrestling, religious events like Easter sunrise services, graduations, artificial reefs, sun bathing, yoga, summer camp, Ted Talks, art festivals, concerts, TV shows, and aquatic shows choreographed with music and lights.

The report’s “probable construction cost “ is around $40 million, which fits within the $45 million bond proposal approved by the MCC last fall.

Miami Marine stadium

Virginia Key, Key Biscayne, Florida