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Miami Beach businesses on Ocean Drive launch “Chill and Charge” for residents

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Allowing residents to cool off and recharge

The bright neon lights of Ocean Drive hotels in South Beach via Leonardo Da Silva/Flickr

A chunk of Miami Beach businesses along Ocean Drive launched a Hurricane Irma relief effort dubbed “Chill and Charge,” which allows residents to charge their electronic devices and bring containers for free ice and water.

The program launches Thursday at 2 p.m. at a time when many are still without power. As of Thursday morning, over 300,000 FPL customers in Miami-Dade are still in the dark.

However, “Chill and Charge” will only be running for two hours each day until full power on the beach is restored — from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Residents are required to show identification proving Miami Beach residency

The restaurants participating: Finnegan’s Way, Havana 1957, the Carlyle Hotel, Clevelander Sports Bar, Ocean’s Ten, Mango’s Tropical Café, Caffe Milano, the Pelican Café, Larios on the Beach, the News Café, Wet Willies and TGI Fridays.

“As members of the community, Ocean Drive businesses are doing what we can to help,” said Ceci Velasco of the Ocean Drive Association. “Every Miami Beach resident is welcome to join us for free ice, water and to charge electronic devices until power in Miami Beach is restored.”