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Miami is very unlikely to feel Hurricane Maria

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Unfortunately that’s not the case for the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico

Monday morning’s cone of Hurricane Maria
via NHC

A week after Hurricane Irma unleashed her wrath across the Caribbean islands and much of Florida and yet another storm brews in the Atlantic, but Miami has very little reason to fear Hurricane Maria as of Monday morning (furiously knocking on wood).

While the hurricane is unquestionably strengthening, becoming a Category 1 storm last night before expecting to develop into a ferocious Category 4 hurricane mid-week, South Florida isn’t expected to feel its presence.

As NBC 6 weather god John Morales outlined this morning, the consensus of models are increasingly projecting the storm to turn north. As for the European and United States models, last night Morales said just 10 percent of those 70 ensemble runs take the storm into Florida.

There are obviously no sure things when it comes to storm forecasting, but 90 percent odds are comfortable. And Florida’s margin for error remains enormous.

However, one’s fortune is usually another’s misfortune when it comes to hurricanes and our positive outlook is certainly not shared by Puerto Rico and the Leeward Islands, the latter already under a Hurricane Warning after getting hammed by Irma last week. The Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the Bahamas are also not out of harm’s way.