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Miami-Dade Police Department goes high-tech with electronic tickets

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That means less wait for that dreaded speeding ticket

The PortMiami Tunnel Opens In South Florida Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The days of police officers hand-writing traffic tickets are done in Miami-Dade County. ABC10 News reports that the Miami-Dade County police department is switching to a more 2017 method, thanks to new e-citations. The change kicked in Monday, and 1,600 police units now have the capability to print e-tickets.

What does this mean for drivers? Less time waiting in the car for the officer to walk back with a ticket, for one. The police department suggests the new tickets will include less errors and will be easier to read.

Back in December, the Miami Herald reported that as Miami-Dade officers waited for the electronic traffic citation system to get online, they had to dole out fewer traffic tickets — all because they were running out of the paper ticket books.