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The Curbed Cup 2017 winner is… Brickell!

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A standing ovation is in order

Brickell is the winner of the 2017 Curbed Cup!
Josh Baumgard/Curbed

It’s official, folks! Brickell is Curbed Miami’s neighborhood of the year.

Brickell City Centre got up and running this year and an Italian food hall is set to open shortly. A new development comprised of five single family homes is under construction and, according to a report from EWM’s David Siddons Group, there continues to be a massive oversupply of condos (over seven years of inventory in the $750K-$1M range).

The final bracket is below; now, let’s celebrate!

Brickell City Centre

701 South Miami Avenue, , FL 33131 Visit Website


, Miami, FL 33129