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There’s a phase 2 in the works for Brickell City Centre’s Climate Ribbon

According to architect Hugh Dutton

HDA | Hugh Dutton Associés/Facebook

It’s been more than a year since the opening of Brickell City Centre’s Climate Ribbon — a futuristic, undulating outdoor canopy meant to lower stifling temperatures. Now the Next Miami unearths a fascinating interview with the mind behind the project, Hugh Dutton of Paris architectural firm HDA, who looked back on the process with the Financial Times.

Dutton worked with Swire and Arquitectonica for the project, but his inspiration came from a very personal place: his childhood home in Jamaica. He told FT:

The house was designed like most houses of this type in the timeworn tradition to catch natural breezes for cooling, with rambling verandas and ‘jalousies’ [louvred windows], to protect from the sun while letting breezes flow through. The Climate Ribbon was created in the context of this architecture and my background in the tropics.

There’s some data behind the design’s hyped climate change-fighting properties too. Dutton says the average temperature is seven degrees lower under the Climate Ribbon. Meanwhile, Financial Times reports that Dutton is currently working on plans for the Climate Ribbon’s phase 2, which involves extending it alongside an 80-story tower in the works.