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Is a fight brewing for David Beckham over the MLS stadium location?

Opposition is heating up in Overtown

MLS Announces New Team In Miami Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The congratulations flowed freely at Monday’s David Beckham’s Miami MLS team official launch. But the community opposition to the soccer team’s proposed stadium seems to be heating up. According to the Miami Herald’s Doug Hanks, community organizers in Overtown are passing out fliers that look like eviction notices to public housing residents near the planned stadium site.

Leaders of the opposition said the notices weren’t meant to be misleading, they were just advertising a community meeting planned for Thursday. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Mayor Carlos Gimenez told the paper that there are no plans for demolition or eviction.

The city of Miami still must approve zoning changes and permits to allow the stadium, and Gary Nelson at CBS Miami uses a soccer metaphor in a story about the growing backlash against the Overtown site. “There are many bureaucratic goals Beckham’s group has yet to score, and no shortage of opponents to the project will be defending against it,” he writes.