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Macy’s is closing its historic downtown Miami location

Let’s walk down memory lane

US-STOCKS-MARKETS-OPEN Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

Sad news today for Miami shoppers and history buffs: Macy’s is closing stores across the country and its flagship downtown Miami store was not spared. That’s the Macy’s located in the historic Burdine’s building, which was once a home-grown Florida department store chain.

There’s no set closing date for the Miami Macy’s store, according to CBS Miami, but clearance sales will begin on January 8 and last through mid-March. So the Burdine’s building will serve as a department store for at least few more months.

Let’s walk down memory lane to Burdine’s midcentury prime, as seen in these 1953 photos dug up by Curbed from the archives of the Library of Congress.

Library of Congress
Library of Congress

Here are some incredible retro holiday displays that once lit up downtown:

So what will replace Macy’s? It remains to be seen, but in other cities, Amazon and co-working spaces have recently moved into Macy’s buildings as the retailer struggles to keep up in the age of online shopping.