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Dr. Oz gets the go-ahead to renovate his historic Palm Beach mansion

It’s been untouched for 35 years

via Curbed

Surgeon-turned-TV-star Dr. Oz is planning on giving Louwana, his circa-1919 oceanfront mansion, an interior makeover. But in order to touch the 12,483-square-foot home, which was originally designed by famed architect Addison Mizner, he had to get permission from The Landmarks Preservation Commission. Now the Palm Beach Daily News reports that Dr. Oz received unanimous approval for the interior renovation project on December 20.

It will be the first change to the home in 35 years: the house received landmark status in 1980. Among the changes proposed by Dr. Oz are plans to make the kitchen more open, add a gym, laundry room, and game room, and plant citrus trees on the property.

via Curbed

Apparently the plans impressed the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

“You have made this practically unlivable house into something wonderful,” Palm Beach Daily reports that board Vice Chairman Rene Silvin said of the proposed redesign.