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Wagner Homestead, Miami’s oldest house, is getting fixed up after Hurricane Irma

Two local historic landmarks are set to be repaired

Wagner Homestead via Wikimedia

The oldest home in Miami-Dade county withstood Hurricane Irma, but the winds blew off Wagner Homestead’s shingles and damaged its windows. Now the circa-1855 structure in Miami’s Lummus Park will soon be restored, according to the Miami Herald.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express is offering a $150,000 grant that will cover the wooden house’s new shake-shingle roof and carpentry repairs.

That’s not all: the grant is also going to go towards Irma damage at another Miami historic landmark. Repairs are slated for a 113-year-old wood bungalow that once served as the office and surgery of Dr. James Jackson, the namesake of Jackson Memorial Hospital. The building is an example of neo-classical architecture in South Florida.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation hopes these improvements will help the buildings host more events and visitors — and weather a future flood or storm event.