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Brickell Flatiron’s $15.5M penthouse is still available

Checking in on the progress of the Massimo Iosa Ghini-designed building

Brickell Flatiron/Facebook

“Moving on up at a one floor per week rate,” is how Brickell Flatiron’s Facebook page put it last month to describe the 64-tower’s climb in the Miami skyline. While the tower goes up, Robb Report checks in on Brickell Flatiron’s incredibly luxurious $15.5 million penthouse, which is currently on the market.

That price tag gets its buyer a three level, five-bedroom home with four-car garage, rooftop swimming pool, and private elevator with marble walls silhouetting floor-to-ceiling views. The building is designed by Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, who created showrooms for Ferrari.

One of the two triplex penthouses at Brickell Flatiron’s already been sold, according to Robb Report.

Brickell Flatiron/Facebook


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