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See a driverless boat and more this weekend at the Miami International Boat Show

The Miami Yacht Show is happening too

Miami International Boat Show/Facebook

If your weekend plans include a visit to the 77th annual Miami International Boat Show at Miami Marine Stadium, don’t miss seeing some of the industry’s newest innovations.

The Observer reports that among the more than 1,000 on-site exhibitors at Miami Marine Stadium, there’s the Mercury Vessel View, which is the closest thing to a driverless boat that exists right now. The technology connects to a Mercury Marine boat engine for features like autopilot, safety signals, and alarms if the water is too shallow.

Another standout at the show is the $3 million luxury 80-foot Marlow Explorer, the largest yacht on view with features like a wine locker.

The Miami Yacht Show is happening too, and you can even get a combined ticket for both shows this weekend.