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The Boca Raton Museum of Art’s renovation is underway

The museum’s exterior will soon boast new winding walkways

Glavovic Studio/Facebook

The Boca Raton Museum of Art’s exterior is getting a brand-new look. A new $1.5 million landscape architecture project for the museum designed by Glavovic Studio and Studio Roberto Rovira is currently underway. This renovation seeks to reintroduce the museum’s entrances, which were somewhat obscured after Mizner Park Amphitheater was built nearby.

The design will bring the museum’s gallery experience to the outdoors. There will be new winding walkways lined with native grasses, and architectural elements that double as artworks. There’s the “Mending Wall,” designed by Margi Glavovic Nothard as a homage to the poem by Robert Frost. It’s a 12-foot screen made of metal, mirror, and acrylic panels that allows passersby to see both their own reflection and activities beyond the Mending Wall.

Large-scale exhibition will have a new home as well in the “Promenade,” a 27,000-square-foot outdoor space that’s mean to be an extension of the Museum’s Sculpture Garden.