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Miami river hangout spot The Wharf faces noise complaints

We “want to be cognizant of residents’ wishes,” owner says.

The Wharf Miami/Facebook

As the area around the Miami river continues to transform — with more development than ever — residents are getting used to the new normal. Now the Miami Herald reports that new hangout spot The Wharf, which popped up in a previously empty lot near the river, is being called “ridiculously loud” by its neighbors.

“I don’t expect it to be bucolic here. In fact, we’re living beneath a flight path,” The Wharf neighbor Michael Jensen told the paper. “And I don’t want to cast aspersions on the type of music. I like music. But this is just intolerable. It ruins your life.”

Wharf owner Alex Mantecon tells the Herald that he’s hired a sound engineer and completed sound studies for the event venue in an effort to be a good neighbor.

“The whole idea was to activate a neighborhood that was dead,” he said. “I have been across the river while we’re open and I hear car stereos that are louder than anything you’d hear from us. We just want to provide good beats, good sound and a good vibe. We also want to be cognizant of residents’ wishes.” Mantecon is currently working to turn the pop-up space into a $30 million dining, nightlife and fish market called Riverside Wharf.