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Jungle Island will reopen in late spring, with a new post-Hurricane Irma renovation plan

The Watson Island animal park has been closed since September

Jungle Island/Facebook

Before Hurricane Irma hit, Miami zoological park Jungle Island announced big redesign plans that include a private beach club, crystal lagoon, and zip lines.

Then Hurricane Irma wiped out so many of the trees that gave Jungle Island its name, and the park’s been closed since September for cleanup to repair the damage.

Now the Miami Herald reports that Jungle Island’s owners are planning a late spring reopening, with a pivot from the original plan. A few new attractions are set to debut by the end of the summer, including an indoor trampoline park, an outdoor skydiving wind tunnel, a new children’s playground, a beach restaurant, and a rope course.

Jungle Island’s zip lines, the lagoon, and a lazy river are still on track for 2019, according to the Herald.