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Pedestrian hit by Brightline yesterday in Wilton Manors walks away with broken arm

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The man reportedly laid down parallel between the tracks


A pedestrian walked away with non-life-threatening injuries after being hit by a Brightline train yesterday in Wilton Manors. According to NBC6, fire officials say that the man purposefully laid down in between the tracks before the train approached, and that the crossing gates were down and flashing lights were activated. SFBJ reports that the victim is expect to recover and was taken to Broward Health Medical Center with a broken arm.

Since the high-speed private rail line began testing in 2017, the Miami Herald reports that Brightline’s been involved in six accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists — four of which has been fatal.

As lawmakers have been pushing for safety checks into the rail line, Brightline’s been working on a safety outreach campaign. The company issued a statement recently, according to CBS Miami, saying: “We are working on a new (media) campaign and increased community outreach, like safety ambassadors and message boards at crossings.”