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The artist behind a Wynwood graffiti coloring book is creating a whole series

There’s a Kickstarter for the newest book

Aimful Books/Instagram

If you can’t be a master graffiti artist, this might be the next best thing. Artist Diego Orlandini put together a book turning famous murals and graffiti art in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood into adult coloring books, NBC Miami reports.

There are currently two volumes of Wynwood coloring books, featuring Miami’s favorite street artists such as like Aquarela, Claudia la Bianca, Kazilla, along with illustrations based on The Wynwood Walls murals such as Okuda, Felipe Pantone, Case Maclaim, Ron English, Beau Stanton, and Interesnki Kaski. You’ll color inside the lines, and learn about each of the artists that bring color to Miami.

Orlandini is also working on a new hardcover coloring book featuring street art in Wynwood and around the world, which you can pre-order now on Kickstarter.